2016 ATE Expo

Scott Watkins
Booth 59 Performance Radiator Pacific LLC, District Sales Manager
Kirby Mcfarland
Booth 09 Equipment Sales Company
Debi Garrett
Booth 58 Mitchell 1, Senior Event Planner
Richard Davis
Booth 25, 38 WORLDPAC
Dave Parkhurst
Booth 56 Greenhaven Interactive, LLC, Owner
Bob Ward
Booth 04 Perpetual Business
Dean Popovich
Booth 40 Heritage-Crystal Clean, Trade Association Manager
Walter Miller
Booth 22 CUDA Washington
Tom Roberts
Booth 51 Autonerdz, Owner
Todd Jolma
Booth 68 Hofmann Wheel Service Equipment, President
Aaron Norris
Booth 28 Pro-Cut International, Western Sales Manager
Jerry Smith
Booth 07 The Vehicle Report, Associate Publisher/VP Corp. Relations
Dan DeBusk
Booth 52 Moose Radiator, Owner
Dudley Bain
Booth 47, 48 Benefit Consultants Northwest
Walt Commans
Booth 15 Automotive Service Excellence-ASE, Western States Consultant
Dave Pixion
Booth 35, 34B Snap-on Equipment, Sales Service Manager
Tim Ross
Booth 72 Mudlick Mail Company, President
Cecil Bullard
Booth 36 The Institute For Automotive Business Excellence, CEO
Jerry Baarson
Booth 29 Carquest Technical Insitute, Senior Technical Training Manager West
Maylan Newton
Booth 57 Educational Seminars Institute, Owner
Wife's name is Lauren Son's name is Chase
Paul Stewart
Booth 12 Auto Apps Inc
Dave Neville
Booth 13-14 Portland Torque Products Inc
Dave Stofferahn
Booth 67 TSYS Merchant Solutions, Territory Management PNW
Cory Anderson
Booth 71 LKQ Corporation
Ryan Tunison
Booth 56 Customer Loyalty Systems, Partner
Mike Giblin
Booth 54, 55 Kukui Corporation, Vice President
Michael Risich
Booth 60, 61 Bolt On Technology, Founder & CEO
John Hoffman
Booth 18 O'Reilly Auto Parts/First Call, Regional Sales Manager
4266 8413 4067 6558 John C. Hoffman - 12/16 email receipt
Jason Hulsman
Booth 37 Jasper Engines & Transmission NW, Marketing Manager
Jared DeMeerleer
Booth 39 Transmission Remanufacturing Company LLC, President
Mark Lovell
Booth 71 LKQ Corporation
Kevin Marks
Booth 45, 46, 69, 70 Interstate Battery Northwest - Seattle, Sales Manager
Brian Wolf
Booth 67 TSYS Merchant Solutions
Margaret Palango
Booth 50 Autoshop Solutions, Chief Business Development Officer
Christina Solorzano
Booth 54, 55 Kukui Corporation, Director of Marketing & Communications
Ted Tegantvoort
Booth 65, 66 Seattle Automotive Distributing/AC Delco, Owner
Frank Dragoni
Booth 60, 61 Bolt On Technology, Director of Sales
Bill VanOrden
Booth 49 AutoEnginuity
Russell Mayes
Booth 30 MOTOSHOP Technology Tools, Regional Solutions Manager
Jeff Helget
Booth 26, 27 B & R Auto Wrecking , Business Development Manager
Chris Alcatraz
Booth 08 Washington State Department of Labor & Industries
Joe Kaufman
Booth 17 Olympic Brake Supply, Sales Manager
Carol Menchu
Booth 16 AES WAVE
Kris Hammon
Booth 01 Omnique Shop Management Software, Business Development Manager
Carly Maner
Booth 72 Mudlick Mail Company, Production Coordinator
Spencer Ray
Booth 18 O'Reilly Auto Parts/First Call, Corporate Assistant III
Heather Kimball
Booth 28 Pro-Cut International, Sales Assistant
Chris Seehafer
Booth 59 Performance Radiator Pacific LLC, Marketing Coordinator
Tim Pavolka
Booth 59 Performance Radiator Pacific LLC, Vice President
Jennifer Hoxeng
Booth 67 TSYS Merchant Solutions, Merchant Advocate Pacific NW
Dale Smith
Wagonmaster Washington, Inc.
Mike Carrillo
Booth 64 AutoShopFollowUp
Josh Jardine
Booth 54, 55 Kukui Corporation, Marketing Coordinator
Carolyn Coquillette
Booth 41 Shop-Ware, CEO
Chip Keen
Booth 41 Shop-Ware, Product Officer
Todd Shepard
Booth 11 Shepard & Shepard Insurance, Broker/Owner
Todd Shepard is the founder of Shepard & Shepard Insurance.  Our agency is focused entirely on serving the insurance needs of the auto industry inc...
Laura Boccardo
Booth 53 Autologic Diagnostic, Marketing Manager
Kevin FitzPatrick
Booth 53 Autologic Diagnostic, President
Rick Manfred
Booth 10 Mechanic Light, LLC, President
Patrick Bonfield
Booth 33 ATech Training Inc, Sales Manager
Lyle Taylor
Booth 33 ATech Training Inc, Instructor
Mike Miller
Booth 15 I-CAR, Regional Manager Northwest
Jeremy O'Neal
Booth 34 Advisorfix
Christian Wiens
Booth 42 AutoVitals
Chris Pastre
Booth 23 Baxter Auto Parts
Gary Smith
Automastertraining.com, President/Owner